Luxury Baby Blankets

Handmade Baby Blankets are such a thoughtful gift. They speak of time honoured traditions, family heirlooms, love and care.

I have put together a collection of baby blanket hand knitting kits using the ethically sourced and environmentally friendly yarns from The #Knitwell Collection, made in collaboration with KPC Yarns. The focus of these kits is on clean design in interesting textures and patterns. There is also a project here to suit every skill level.

Yarn choice is everything when making textiles for delicate baby skin. High quality natural fibres such as merino wool, cashmere and cotton are ideal for baby blankets and knits as they have a beautiful soft handle. The #Knitwell yarns have all been allergy tested too and are made with environmentally friendly low irritant dyes, making them the perfect choice for baby.

The kits are based on the use of our unique 400g cones, designed for hassle free knitting. Less joins! Some designs only require one cone. No joins! And given the high quality of these yarns together with their yardage/meterage they represent great value too.

 If you are after a quick project, try these beauties using our super chunky yarns Meadow (merino wool) and Grace (recycled cashmere).

Click on the title of each knit kit to view the fill listing.

1. Smocked Honeycomb Blanket in Meadow

A baby blanket requires 2 x 400g cones of Meadow. There are 12 stunning colours available.

Smocked Honeycomb blanket


2. Honeycomb Blanket in Grace 

A baby blanket requires 2 x 400g cones of Grace in super chunky weight. There are eight classic colours available.

Honeycomb Blanket in Grace


For a slower pace and lighter weight, try these stylish beauties knitted in our aran weight yarns, Grace (recycled cashmere) and Soul (recycled cotton donegal).


3. Bramble Stitch Blanket in Grace - Aran weight

A baby blanket requires 1 x 400g cone of Grace in aran weight. There are eight classic colours available.


Bramble Stitch Blanket


 4. Popcorn Stitch Blanket in Soul

A baby blanket requires only 1 x 400g cone of Soul. There are 6 beautiful colour ways available.

Popcorn Blanket in Soul - recycled cotton donegal yarn


Each kit allows for larger sizes to be made. View each product listing for further details.

I will be listing more baby blanket projects soon.


Jac xoxo

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The #Knitwell collection was designed by Jacqui for all women who favour an effortless and earthy aesthetic. 

In collaboration with KPC