K1S1 Extreme Knitting Yarn

K1S1 Extreme Yarn is a luxury hand knitting yarn designed and developed by Jacqui in collaboration with a specialist Mill in New Zealand. Short for "Knit One, Share One", K1S1 represents Jacqui’s desire to share the benefits of extreme knitting with knitters and crafters alike.

K1S1 is a commercially felted yarn specifically designed for high-end interior applications. It is made from high grade merino woollen fibres sourced from farms in New Zealand where the ethical treatment of animals is paramount. K1S1 is natural, sustainable and low impact.

K1S1 is a clever combination of extreme scale, a high degree of functionality and resilience, and a soft and luxurious handle. Importantly, K1S1 has a low pilling quotient and will not tear or pull with use. Care of textiles made from the yarn is straight-forward.

K1S1 overcomes the many issues associated with knitting with unspun woollen tops left in their raw form, without compromising on scale, aesthetic or softness.

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