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K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles

$99 $180

K1S1 Industrial Knitting Needles have been designed especially to manage the scale of the K1S1 extreme knitting yarn and woollen top.

Made from pvc plumber's pipe and hand turned timber tops and ends, K1S1 needles help support the weight of the yarn and unspun wool. The length of the needle also helps to avoid the creation of any pressure points on the woollen top during the knitting process. Woollen top is fragile and can easily break when tension is applied.

The needles are sold as a set of two sticks.

PVC Plumber's pipe, Wood, Bees wax

50mm in diameter. 
Each needle is 1.10 metre in length. 

    K1S1 is a very special technical yarn specially designed for interior and textile use. It has the following features:

    • extreme scale;
    • low pilling quotient;
    • soft handle;
    • robustness in its performance;
    • easy care;
    • high functionality;
    • high quality.

    Pieces made with K1S1 are dramatic in their scale, luxurious in their appearance and create a dynamic and striking textural addition to a space.

    The inherent elasticity of merino wool ensures that the finished piece has a beautiful draping quality to it.

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