Knit Stars Season 6 Sign Ups

Where has this year gone? Knit Stars Season 6, the world's biggest online knitting festival, will be going live at the end of this month and sign-ups are now open along with the first-ever Free Preview Week! 

For this Free Preview event, Knit Stars has released slightly shortened versions of all 11 Season 6 lifestyle videos here. You can even binge-watch them, “KnitFlix style!” They are beautifully produced documentary style introductions to each Knit Star.

You will notice that my preview looks VERY different from the others. You can view it here. Being Sydney based, I am just emerging from a 15 week lockdown which prevented my workshop for Knit Stars being filmed on schedule. The filming can now go ahead but my workshop will be delayed and delivered at a later date from the other 10 workshops. Such is life in a pandemic. 

By signing up to Knit Stars Season 6, you will get access to 10 online workshops. Plus you own it, so it’s yours to watch on your own schedule, as often as you like.

You’ll get access to my lesson on The Heartstrings Project as well as a special bonus module on my creative process as a textile artist and the key lessons I've learned as a creative. The Heartstrings Project is a new concept of mine and will be launched through Knit Stars Season 6. Those of you who sign up will be the first to experience it. Very exciting.

My workshop will give you the choice of creating a knitted or crochet version of a gorgeous shawl, in which your emotions and the colour you attach to them, will ultimately determine your design.

Heartstrings Crochet Shawl 

Heartstrings Crochet Shawl Sample


HeartStrings Knitted Shawl Sample 

 HeartStrings Knitted Shawl Sample


The project comes with a beautifully designed digital HeartStrings Journal and HeartSpace Worksheet set written by me. Together, these documents help create a pathway for some deep introspective work and reflection to encourage greater self awareness and acceptance. I will gently lead you through this process and share my own struggles that inspired me to develop HeartStrings.

Once you sign up, you can also access a special Yarn Marketplace which will enable you to buy the yarn recommended for each workshop. For Heartstrings, I have chosen a beautiful wool/cotton DK yarn from KPC Yarn called Glencoul. Your Heartstrings Kit, if you choose to purchase it, comprises 14 beautiful colours from the Glencoul range. The patterns, Journal and Worksheet will be provided as part of your course materials. That is an incredibly special offering and is limited to Knit Stars Season 6.

This season, Knit Stars have also planned an amazing giveaway. Every time a Master Class owner shares about Knit Stars by email or their social, they'll have a chance to win one of 3 epic prizes of ALL Season 6 yarn kits, valued over US$1,500. Knit Stars will provide more details on how to enter the give-away shortly.

You can find all of the details on our enrolment page by clicking here. This is an affiliate link, which means if you sign up, I’ll get a commission - which is a great way to support your favorite designers. Thank you!

The sign-up window runs from 14 October through to 28 October 2021.

I hope to see you there!

Jac xoxo

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