Knit Stars Season 6 - Workshop Details

Hear more about the workshop I will be teaching in Season 6 of Knit Stars by watching the video below. Sign up for Earlybird enrolment through to 9 May by clicking here. You'll save $30 (from $229 to $199) and get access to all 11 workshops plus the ability to purchase previous seasons at the same special price, as well as some very cool bonuses.


The Heartstrings Shawl Kit has been created by Jacqui Fink especially for Knit Stars Season 6 and is a project like no other you’ve ever completed for yourself. In this project, your emotions will be at the forefront of your design and will ultimately determine how it looks. The Heartsrtings project will teach you how to attach colour to your emotions, and knit or crochet with colour as a conduit to self-observation, awareness and self-acceptance. Through the process of sitting with your emotions, by honouring them, accepting them and loving them, the hope is the sooner we may be able to release them.

 This project not about pretty. This is not about making sure your colours complement each other. This is not about engineering a result that will be in aesthetic alignment with your wardrobe or interior. Rather, this project is a visual diary of the deeply personal introspective work you are about to do. Letting go of the outcome is part and parcel of learning to love and accept yourself as you are. Your emotions will determine the arrangement of colours in your shawl and your ultimate design will be a unique creative expression: a repository of your emotions at a point in your life that will continue to resonate with meaning throughout your life. This is a treasure, a loving yarn hug to remind you of your worth.

 The Heartstrings Shawl Kit has been designed to be made in conjunction with the completion of the HeartStrings Journal and the HeartSpace Worksheet set. These course materials are included in your kit as digital files. You will also receive a digital pattern for two versions of the Hearstrings Shawl (a knit & crochet pattern).  For many of us, quietening our minds comes more easily when our hands are productive. Knitting and crochet are a beautiful mindful respite with the rhythm and ritual of each practice typically lulling us into a state of repose effortlessly. It’s the perfect pathway to introspection. While the Heartstrings Shawl Kit keeps your hands busy and your mind quiet enough for some deep introspective work, the HeartStrings Journal together with the HeartSpace Worksheets provides you with an opportunity to hold space for yourself and document your observations and insights.

We have curated a set of 14 stunning colours from KPC Yarn's Glencoul Dk range for the Heartstrings Shawl Kit. Glencoul, 70% Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and 30% Cotton DK yarn weight has the feel and subtle sheen of a cotton yarn, but with the stretch and durability of wool. You will love it.

When you sign up to Knit Stars Season 6, you will get access to some fun bonuses available as well such as:

- the exclusive chance to purchase the Knit star yarns before the workshops begin in fall;

- access to a private Knit Stars Facebook Group which runs all year round; and

-Live Q&As with Knit Stars from their homes around the world.

Once Earlybird sign up closes on 9 May, you  won't be able to register again until the fall. So now is a great time to join so you don't miss out on your chance to grab all the course materials, and recommended yarn if you desire, for all 11 workshops.

This is the world's largest online knitting festival. And you own it, so it's yours to watch on your own schedule, as often as you like.

You can find all of the details on the Knit Stars enrolment page by clicking here.

Hope to see you in Knit Stars Season 6.


Much love Jac xoxo 

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