Knit Stars Season 6

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I am excited to announce that I'll be teaching alongside 10 other amazing designers and Instructors in Season 6 of Knit Stars this Fall, or Spring for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.

The best part is that it's an online workshop, so anyone around the world can join the fun.

You'll get access to my lesson on a unique project called Heartstrings where I will teach you how to use colour and your emotions for the purposes of self-observation, awareness and self-acceptance. Your Heartstrings Knitting or Crochet Kit will contain beautiful coloured yarns from KPC Yarn, as well as visually stunning and meaningful digital files of a unique Heartstrings Journal and HeartSpace Worksheet set which are integral to the making of your Heartstrings Shawl, a loving yarn hug. This is some deep introspective work we will be embarking on together and I cannot wait to get started. 

There are 10 other amazing teachers from around the globe making up Season 6 of Knit Stars, all experts in their field. Knit Stars is the world's biggest online knitting festival. And you own it, so it's yours to watch on your own schedule, as often as you like.

You can find all of the details on our enrolment page by clicking here.  This is an affiliate link, which means if you sign up, I’ll get a commission - which is a great way to support your favorite designers. Thank you!

There's a special Earlybird rate available right now, that's $30 lower than the usual Knit Stars Masterclass Event rate. This special rate is only good through May 9, so now is definitely your best time to join in.

Special thanks goes to Knit Stars for including me in the line up for Season 6. I am so thrilled to be joining you on this journey. Extra special thanks goes to Gaye Glasspie (@ggmadeit - The Iconic Orange Lady) for suggesting me for the line up in the first place. You are the best. Much love to you GG xoxo

Much love to all of you Jac xoxo

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