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Jacqui's latest collection of handmade textile artworks made from luxurious felted naturally coloured merino wools in white, grey and grey/brown hues from Australia and New Zealand is now available online. Called the "Naturals Series", this collection has taken well over 12 months to create. Each artwork  is unique in its design with Jacqui's hallmark combination of scale, intricacy and textures with mesmerising repetition.

The artistic focus, as always, is on the beauty of the woollen materials. Jacqui has allowed the material to dictate the overall design of each piece, hence their irregular and textural nature.

Maintenance of a Jac Fink Original is minimal and straight forward as merino wool is naturally soil/dirt repellent. Felted merino is particularly robust and hardy as well. Wool also significantly improves the acoustic performance of a room and reduces impact noise.

The Naturals Series comprises 10 artworks, each hand knitted and hand felted by Jacqui on a scale to suit most residential spaces. 

Domestic and International shipping of Jac Fink Originals is complimentary. 

Custom made metal hanging brackets are also included with purchase.

You can view the entire collection here.


Naturals Series Artwork X

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The #Knitwell collection was designed by Jacqui for all women who favour an effortless and earthy aesthetic. 

In collaboration with KPC