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I have a difficult relationship with Instagram. It's been both a blessing and a curse since I started my business 9 years ago.  It has changed so much over the years and algorithms seem to call the shots these days. Apart from the lovely connections that I have made via social media, in general, I find it to be overwhelming and a huge time suck . And to be frank, with the world in such a mess right now it somehow feels wrong to conduct business as usual. "Aspirational" posts make me feel very uncomfortable, even squeamish right now. I feel the need for us all to have this collective intake of breath to "read the room" so to speak. I know that's unfair. Life must go on and livelihoods must be made.

But when did Instagram become so essential to the running of business, especially small creative ones like mine? Is it even essential or have we just been deluded into thinking that it is? I am definitely not the right person to answer that question. But what I will say is that there is still plenty of inspiring content to be found on Instagram. Whether it be feeds that help you up your crafting or creative game or feeds that provide inspiration of some kind, there is a plethora of wonderful content.

I have listed a small selection of some of my favourites. I have chosen them either because I love their authenticity and messaging or because their work and imagery fills me with joy and inspiration. You will see that I tend to love a sweetheart. I have broken them down into categories for you. 


From the Knitting/Crochet World 


Ambah, based in Melbourne, is my fellow Aussie Knitstar Season 6. Ambah's shawl designs are magnificent and she has built a strong community of makers. Sweetheart.


Denise Bayron is also sweetheart. A multi-talented knitwear designer, sewer and pattern maker with a very green thumb.


 I am intrigued by this business. It is such a well thought out concept backed by in depth experience in all things knitting. I have not met the Coco Knit team but I find them inspiring. They sure do look like they have their business worked out. Sigh!


Robyn is a fellow Aussie based in Country NSW. Teacher, designer, maker and yarn retailer. Robyn has built up a huge community. Her feed is always a colourful delight. Skill level - HUGE!


 Sweetheart alert. If you love Tunisian crochet coupled with fabulous taste ChiWei is your girl.


Anne Weil is another sweetheart. A sister to another mister we think.  I love her taste and her product imagery is always inspiring. And her new linen yarn is so amazing.


GG is the sweetest of sweethearts. GG is widely known as The Iconic Orange Lady. Check out GG's feed to understand why. I admire GG's authenticity and advocacy. She's a braveheart this one.


Jess is another sweetheart and super supportive. Crochet is Jess's super power along side her Boss Lady credentials.


There is nothing not to like about Purl Soho. Great style, a penchant for quality yarns and a consistently beautiful and professional feed. Love them.


Another Sweetheart. If you want to up your knitting game you need to follow Romi. Romi is a wonderful advocate as well. 


Toni specialises in crochet and has just started an online crochet school. Toni has great style and colour sensibility and often runs the most incredible giveaways on her feed as well. Bonus. I don't know Toni but I am sure she is a sweetheart :).


Another sweetheart. Alexi is such a talented young woman with boundless energy and enthusiasm for her work. I have watched her business explode over the years. She's an inspiration to me.


I am getting to know Vincent through Knitstars Season 6 but I can already tell he is a SWEETHEART. The guy has some serious skills, especially when it comes to cables. 

Textile artists 


If you love embroidery and needle work, Amanda's feed is too beautiful for words.


I think I have a thing for embroidery. This textile artist takes it to a whole other level. Amazing!


 You guessed it. Sweetheart. Debbie is a massively talented UK based artist. Debbie has amassed an incredible body of work and has created commissions for very high profile clients.


 Colour explosion. Another embroidery artist and outright sweetheart. Liz is a  fellow Aussie textile artist with a great sense of humour.


A fellow Sydneysider and proud Barkindtji-Duduroa Dhargal Aboriginal Contemporary Weaver and teacher. Based on traditional indigenous weaving techniques, Tegan's works touch my heart. The colours, materials and the meaning underpinning it all. Beautiful, beautiful,  beautiful.


Beatrice is a woman after my own heart. Check out her feed to see why. A super supportive sweetheart.



For the love of all things pretty and colourful, inspiration  can be found everywhere such as the worlds of fashion, gem stones, cake and ceramics. Especially cake.







I have so many more I can share with you. But start with this lot and let me know what you think.

Lots of Love, Jac xx

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