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Kit: Popcorn Blanket (Soul)

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Create a delicately textured blanket for your home using our super soft recycled cotton blend yarn, Soul, in aran weight. Worked in stocking stitch with textural bobbles this pattern is an accessible entry point into textured stitches. Perfect for Baby and equally at home in the most beautiful of rooms.

This pattern is available three classic sizes: Baby, Throw and Double.

Fibre: 60% Recycled Cotton 20% Nylon 20% Linen Donegal
Skill Level: Intermediate


  • Soul Aran yarn in your selected colours (1, 3 or 10 cones depending on size)
  • Downloadable pattern (English (UK) written pattern, including a measurement chart)
  • Cotton Project Kit Bag 

Sample colour shown here: Soul Aran Cloud

Yarn included in the kit:
Soul Aran
60% Recycled Cotton 20% Nylon 20% Linen Donegal
640m per 400g cone ( 700 yards)
1/3/10 Cones depending on size required.

Tools (NB: not included in kit):
- 7mm 100cm circular needles*
- *7mm 120cm circular needles for size “Double”
- Large-eyed blunt tip sewing needle

Tension (10 x 10cm):
- 7mm Popcorn stocking stitch: 13 sts and 18 rows
Please test your tension before starting this project!

Skill Level:
Baby  80cm W x 84cm L
Throw  130cm W x 150cm L
Double 227cm W x 274cm L

The #Knitwell capsule collection is a collaboration between Hong Kong based KPC Yarn and extreme knitter and textile artist, Jacqui Fink.

Combining a shared passion for sustainable solutions while working with natural fibres and high-quality yarns, #Knitwell comprises a collection of luxurious yarns and hand-knit patterns which combine an understated beauty with subtle, unconventional design elements.

“I wanted these knits to have all the appeal of a luxurious piece of clothing bought from a high-end store but well within the capability of a broad spectrum of knitting capabilities”, says Jacqui.

The yarns themselves are sustainable and derived through patented technology held by KPC. Cashmere and cotton yarns are re-spun from three sources (all pre-consumer i.e. not used) and include waste fibres from yarn manufacture, yarns that have not sold and garments that are returned from retail. Instead of landfill, through KPC’s rigorous and environmentally responsible processes, they are made into new luxury handknitting yarns.
The #Knitwell collection, which includes Australian merino wool, embodies our desire to create yarns and textiles that support the ethical treatment of animals, are environmentally friendly, and follow responsible protocols and sustainable practices.

“It was important for me to solve a problem with this collaboration. The light footprint of these yarns, their re-use and sustainability ties in with my philosophy around making fashion a circular process. Yes minimising waste, but also delivering the highest quality of product”, says Jacqui, “Hence our hashtag #ourchoicesmatter”.

#Knitwell for the benefit of our animals, our environment and our wellbeing

The #Knitwell collection is the result of a collaboration between many talented women across a range of creative disciplines. Devoted to celebrating the contributions of these inspiring multi-taskers Jacqui has acknowledged them by naming a design after each.

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